1/27/17 Notice: I noticed a $19.99 charge on my credit card from Rok7. Apparently, this is part of a VIP membership. Please take notice of this before ordering this headset. I do not recall selecting to be part of a VIP membership. Actually, I advise selecting another VR headset after getting this charge.

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VR Headset FREE After Shipping

Earlier, I wrote about a virtual reality headset from Rok7. Recently (after purchasing my own) I found a link to get this same headset for free after shipping.

Everyone is escaping reality this year with a ROK7 VR. Things are about to get weird!

Are you ready to experience virtual reality? Almost everyone needs to escape into our own little world at times. Virtual reality glasses are made to transport you to places you haven’t even imagined.

This VR Headset is selling for a great price and it works with most iPhone and Android phones. Check out a video of the Rok7 Virtual Reality headset in action.

Get a ROK7 VR Now Free After Shipping

Have Chronic Pain?

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